Predict customers who are likely to

Find out how people feel about your product. Retain at-risk customers that your team is missing today.

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Analytics to help you learn how users engage with your product, experiences, and surveys to improve their experience.


Which of your customers have greatest churn risk.


Account health signals in your product, engagement, and other data.


Your team with insights needed to act early with surveys & win each renewal opportunity.

Learn how frequently people use your product.

Askky lets you find out how addicted people are to your product. By measuring engagement. It also helps you find out who uses the less, so that you can target your customer success team to them.


Build predictive models for which of your users are most likely to convert or churn in your app.

Find out exactly how your users feel about your application and use that knowledge to change, adapt and improve. With Askky analytics, you can now target to the right people at the right time.


Built for Developers.

Integrating form with Askky is as simple as it can get with well documented SDKs, RESTful APIs and plugins for all major platforms and languages.

Responsive, works everywhere

Askky Forms have been tested to work smoothly across all major platforms and browsers.

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